Missing Moon Rock Found
September 22, 2011

Missing Moon Rock Found


Arkansas has discovered its lost moon rock after years of it missing in Bill Clinton's gubernatorial papers, according to a Reuters report.

The moon rock, brought back from the Apollo 17 mission, was originally presented to Arkansas Governor David Pryor in 1976.

The rock is one of 185 rocks that has been presented to each state and 135 countries and is worth millions of dollars.

The Apollo 17 rock had been missing since 1980 until Bobby Roberts, director of the Central Arkansas Library System, told Reuters he found it.

The rock was originally given to Arkansas on a plaque along with a state flag. 

Roberts opened a box archived as "Arkansas flag plaque" and discovered the missing moon rock in the bottom of that box.

He told Reuters he believes once Clinton lost his bid for re-election in 1980, everything got packed up and stored away, including the moon rock.

Other states including Alaska, New Jersey and Colorado have also lost their moon rocks.

Former Colorado Governor John Vanderhoof said last year that he had kept his state's rock and agreed to give it back.

Alaska lost its moon rock during a 1973 fire in its Alaska Transportation Museum building in Anchorage Alaska.  Since then, the rock has reappeared in a sting operation involving the man who discovered it after the fire.


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