Attend The ERS Workshop From Your Computer
September 23, 2011

Attend The ERS Workshop From Your Computer


Join ESA as it celebrate 20 years of Earth observations by the ERS satellites via live web stream on 27 September.

A scientific workshop on the legacy of the two European Remote Sensing missions will be held 13:00—17:30 CEST (11:00—15:30 GMT) at ESRIN, ESA´s center for Earth observation, in Frascati, Italy.

Those unable to attend the event can follow the program that covers the ERS history, development, operations and exploitation via live web streaming.

Earlier this month, the veteran ERS-2 satellite was officially shut down after its orbit was lowered to reduce the risk of collision with other satellites and space debris.

ERS-2 was launched in 1995, four years after ERS-1, the first European Remote Sensing satellite.

With 20 years of continuous measurements, the two missions paved the way for the development of many new Earth observation techniques in the areas of atmosphere, land, ocean and ice monitoring.

ERS-2 also carried the first European high-precision instrument to measure stratospheric ozone concentrations. It was crucial for observing the evolution of annual ozone depletion over Antarctica. 


Image Caption: ERS in orbital configuration. ERS-1 and -2 generated about 1.5 million synthetic aperture radar scenes, and upwards of 3500 scientists have published more than 30 000 scientific papers based on ERS data. Credits: EADS Astrium


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