NASA Confirms Exact Re-Entry Point Of UARS Satellite
September 28, 2011

NASA Confirms Exact Re-Entry Point Of UARS Satellite

NASA announced the exact re-entry point of its Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) on Tuesday.

The space agency said it entered the Earth's atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean at 14.1 degrees south latitude and 189.8 degrees east longitude on Friday, September 23.

The area is about 4,000 miles southwest of the area the space agency had originally said was the most likely spot for re-entry.

"This location is over a broad, remote ocean area in the Southern Hemisphere, far from any major land mass," NASA said in a statement.

"The debris field is located between 300 miles and 800 miles downrange, or generally northeast of the re-entry point. NASA is not aware of any possible debris sightings from this geographic area," says the statement.

UARS was launched in 1991 to help measure the ozone layer, wind and temperature.  The satellite was officially decommissioned in 2005.

The satellite had been orbiting 140-miles above the Earth´s surface from 57 degrees north latitude to 57 degrees south latitude.


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