ESA’s ‘Earth from Space’ Web-TV Takes Off
November 18, 2011

ESA’s ‘Earth from Space’ Web-TV Takes Off

Discover more about our planet with the new Earth from Space video program. Join us every Friday at 10:00 CET for an 800 km-high tour with spectacular images from Earth-observing satellites.

Unusual perspectives and stunning scenes supplemented by interesting facts and new insights await you.

In the first editions of Earth from Space, presenter Kelsea Brennan-Wessels shows us satellite views of natural and man-made magnificence from an underwater volcano off the coast of the Canary Islands to the floating city of Venice.

This ESA Web-TV program has been created to complement the successful Image of the Week — published every Friday since 2004 on ESA´s Observing the Earth portal.

Future editions will include information on ESA´s satellites as well as interviews with Earth observation experts on the latest discoveries of changes in our environment.

Watch Earth from Space on ESA Web-TV, or through the ESA app on your mobile device.