Partial Solar Eclipse Taking Place Black Friday
November 22, 2011

Partial Solar Eclipse Taking Place Black Friday

A small portion of the world will be able to experience a partial solar eclipse this coming Black Friday, Nov. 25th.

While shoppers in the U.S. are looking forward to coming sales on Friday, astronomers and stargazers in New Zealand, Tasmania and parts of South Africa are preparing for an annular eclipse.

The eclipse will reach a maximum coverage at 06:20:17 UT of magnitude .905 and will be the largest and last partial eclipse of the year.

An annular eclipse is similar to a total eclipse, except the moon is at a further distance from Earth in its orbit.

The next solar eclipse will occur on May 20, 2012 and will be even darker than Friday's with a magnitude of .944.  This eclipse will be visible from China, Japan, the Pacific and Western U.S.

A total lunar eclipse will happen on December 10, 2011 to viewers in the Northern Hemisphere.  This eclipse happened last year on Winter Solstice, a spectacle will not happen again until December 21, 2094.