December 30, 2011

Russian Rocket Security Caught Sleeping On The Job

On Thursday, Russia's deputy prime minister vowed to punish "sleepy" security officials who were caught dozing off in photos taken by bloggers.

Blogger Lana Sator said she and her friends were not caught as they roamed around state rocket-maker Energomash's plant on five separate occasions.

She posted almost 100 pictures of decrepit-looking hardware from inside an engine-fuel testing tower, the plant's control room and even its roof.

Russian media quoted a senior space agency official as saying that the breach was a shock.  "It showed a complete inability to protect anything whatsoever," the official told Izvestia.

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said the security failure was "unacceptable" and warned that "sleepy cats" who failed to maintain security at strategic defense sites will face punishment.

Russia has faced plenty of embarrassments in the past year with its space program, most recently with a Russian communications satellite that crashed last week.

An unmanned cargo spacecraft crashed in August, and a Russian Mars-bound craft got stuck in orbit in November.  The space program also lost a $265-million communication satellite.


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