Russian Scientist Claims He Has Found Life On Venus
January 24, 2012

Russian Scientist Claims He Has Found Life On Venus

A Russian scientist claims that photos from a Soviet spacecraft have revealed that alien life exists on Venus.

Leonid Ksanfomaliti of the Space Research Institute at Russia's Academy of Sciences examined photographs taken by the probe Venera 13 in 1982.

He said the images showed a scorpion-shaped body that moved as the probe's cameras recorded the scene.

Ksanfomaliti wrote in the Russian Solar Systems Research magazine that the "scorpions" all emerge and disappeared as the probe moved.

"What if we forget about the current theories about the non-existence of life on Venus?  Let's boldly suggest that the objects' morphological features would allow us to say that they are living," he said in the report.

He said the photos depict a "disk", a "black flap", and a "scorpion."  Ksanfomaliti wrote that the objects emerge in different photographs taken from various vantage points.

NASA said the 880 degree planet has had other probes that have landed on the planet, but they were destroyed by Venus' high temperatures.

NASA's Magellan spacecraft has mapped out the majority of Venus up close.  During its first eight-month mapping cycle, the spacecraft collected images of 84 percent of the planet's surface, with resolution 10 times better than that of the Soviet Venera mission.

"During the extended mission, two further mapping cycles from May 15, 1991 to September 14, 1992 brought mapping coverage to 98% of the planet, with a resolution of approximately 100m," says NASA.


Image Caption: Global radar view of the surface (from Magellan radar imaging) Credit: NASA


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