NASA Releases New Open Government Plan
April 9, 2012

NASA Releases New Open Government Plan

NASA released a new Open Government Plan on Monday, including a flagship initiative to build a new web architecture.

The plan features a directory of over 100 participatory, collaborative and transparent projects that offer citizens an opportunity to "understand, support and engage" with the agency, according to the plan.

NASA's said that it will continue to add projects to the directory throughout the next year.

The space agency's Open Government efforts were launched two years ago in response to the December 2009 Open Government Directive.

The agency has worked to implement 147 goals addressing policy, technology and culture throughout its centers and offices.

"Open Government principles are already evident in numerous activities underway throughout the agency," Sasi Pillay, NASA chief technology officer for IT at the NASA Headquarters in Washington, said in a press release. "This revision of the Plan captures these activities in one place for the benefit of all."

NASA said the new plan provides a strong framework to help better support the agency's vision to reach new heights and "reveal the unknown."

"The key principles of Open Government — participation, collaboration and transparency — have been embedded in NASA operations for more than 50 years,"  Nick Skytland, Program Manager at NASA, said in a statement.

"As NASA continues to implement the Open Government Directive, we have developed version 2.0 of our Open Government Plan to serve as a model — not a manual — for what a more open NASA might look like today."

Skytland said NASA hopes the new plan will not only provide a strong multi-dimensional framework of technology, policy and culture, but will create new opportunities for individuals to participate in.

The plan also focuses on open data sharing, open source development and a variety of technology acceleration efforts.

"The goal of the directory is to communicate the many opportunities NASA has to actively involve individuals as contributors to and collaborators with NASA´s research, science, and exploration activities," Skytland wrote in a blog about the plan. "At the time of publication, the directory is populated with over 100 participatory, collaborative and transparent activities."