SpaceX Aborts Historic Launch, Delayed Yet Again
May 19, 2012

SpaceX Aborts Historic Launch, Delayed Yet Again

As everyone gathered across the bay from the SpaceX Dragon capsule, a sense of excitement changed quickly to disappointment throughout the crowd as the highly anticipated launch was aborted with less than a second left (T-.5 seconds to be exact) before liftoff.

SpaceX has been trying to blast its Dragon capsule aboard its Falcon 9 rocket from Kennedy Space Center since April 30.

The rocket was finally on the pad, and everything was "Go" for launch, until SpaceX team members put the rocket into safe mode to try and determine exactly what went wrong.

According to NASA's website, "Early data shows that the chamber pressure on Engine #5 was high. The teams will continue to look at the data and assess a launch attempt on May 22."

RedOrbit will keep you posted when new details from NASA or SpaceX have been released.