British Television Station Crashes Meteor In London Taxi
July 5, 2012

British Television Station Crashes Meteor In London Taxi

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redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online

Londoners may have been shocked to walk past a car with a meteor sunk into it last week, but the hoax was actually a part of an advertisement for Eden TV in Britain.

Eden set up a scene in Covent Garden, London to catch the attention of the public, by displaying a meteor about half the size of a car, imbedded into a black taxi.

The ruse was set up to promote the launch of Eden TV's Science Month, in which the television station plans to showcase some of the "very best" in science, Eden said.

Although the meteor impact seemed life-like, it is very far from the truth as to what would actually happen if a meteor of its size actually impacted Earth.

Eden created a video to tell the public what the devastation of London would be if the impact were to really take place.

According to Eden, the impact to London would have left a crater measuring 301 feet across, and 85 feet deep.

The meteor would have destroyed over a hundred buildings where it landed, killing thousands of people in its path.

Eden said the simulated meteor is just a grain of sand when compared to the asteroid that struck Earth 65 million years ago, wiping out the dinosaurs. This asteroid was the size of the Isle of Wright, and hit just off the coast of Mexico at a speed 20 times faster than a bullet.

The impact of that meteor 65 million years ago hit with the force of a billion Atom bombs, according to Eden.

"And the bad news is, scientists estimate that we´re long overdue another one on that scale," the television channel said in the video.