NASA Taking Submissions For ISS Biological Research
October 3, 2012

Scientists Invited To Submit Proposals For Biological Research In Space

Lee Rannals for - Your Universe Online

NASA announced it is inviting scientists from all over the world to submit proposals to perform biological research aboard the International Space Station.

NASA's "Research Opportunities in Space Biology" opened up for proposals on Sunday, challenging scientists to submit their experiments that could provide answers to questions about how life adapts and responds to microgravity.

Investigators will have the opportunity to take advantage of new cell, plant and animal research facilities being developed for the space station.

NASA said proposals submitted by the scientists should demonstrate benefits to astronauts living and working in the harsh environment of space during long-duration missions. The space agency also said they should improve medicine and health care for humans on Earth as well.

NASA's Research Announcement (NRA) focuses on ground-based research designed to lead to new space biology investigations aboard the space station.

The space agency said the investigations should use microgravity and other characteristics of the space environment effectively to enhance our understanding of basic biological processes and develop the scientific and technological foundations for a safe, productive human presence in space.

The investigations should also be able to be applied to help improve the United States' competitiveness, education and quality of life, according to NASA.

The selection of research projects will be according to recommendations from the National Research Council's 2011 Decadal Survey Report, "Recapturing a Future for Space Exploration: Life and Physical Sciences Research for a New Era."

NASA's "Fundamental Space Biology Science Plan" will provide an implementation strategy and roadmap based on available flight and fiscal resources.

To read the complete NRA, click on "Solicitations" at NASA's NSPIRES website: