Felix Has Landed - Space Jump A Complete Success
October 14, 2012

Felix Has Landed! Makes History With Jump From Edge Of Space

[ Watch the Video: Red Bull Stratos Jump From 128,000 Feet ]

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online

Felix Baumgartner and the Red Bull Stratos team set records today, as the dare devil Felix fell from the edge of space towards Earth and broke the sound barrier.

Baumgartner not only just became the first man to break the sound barrier without being inside a vehicle like a jet, but he also skydived higher than anyone has ever attempted before.

It took roughly 2 hours and 20 minutes for the capsule to reach 128,000 feet in altitude, at which Felix took a leap outside of his capsule, and rode his suit back down towards Earth.

The Red Bull Stratos team has been trying to get Felix up into the stratosphere for a jump, but has faced delays due to weather.

Baumgartner was placed inside a capsule attached to a giant helium balloon, which he traveled in the whole way towards the edge of space.

During his ascent, Joe Kittinger, the previous record holder, was the only point of communication that Felix had. He chose to speak with Kittinger to relay messages to and from mission control.

Before today's attempt, Felix jumped at 71,580 feet and 97,146 feet in March and July for practice. After the latest jump, the capsule needed to be repaired, so Baumgartner had to wait a bit longer in order to make the record breaking attempt.

Red Bull Stratos loaded down Felix and the capsule with plenty of video cameras in order to document the event, which BBC will use to create a documentary.

About an hour-and-a-half during the ascent, Red Bull Stratos announced that Felix was having trouble with his heat visor.

The team decided to move on with the mission, and once the balloon reached its desired ascent, they began running Felix through the process of depressurizing the capsule, and pressurizing the suit.

Once Kittinger ran Baumgartner through the final rundown of items on the list, Felix opened up the hatch, and stood on the platform ready to jump.

As Felix the dare devil stood on the platform, he radioed back in and said "The whole world is watching now, and I wish they could see what I can see."

Felix broke the sound barrier, and made his way towards the ground. During his descent, Felix said that his visor fogged up a little bit, but as he reached a warmer altitude it started to defog.

Over four minutes into flight, Felix successfully pulled the parachute and was able to safely touch back down to Earth.

Felix has landed, and the Red Bull Stratos team has made history today.