ESO’s Paranal Observatory To Be Visited By The Crown Prince Couple of Denmark

February 26, 2013
Image Caption: In the foreground of the image are the domes of the four giant 8.2-metre Unit Telescopes of the Very Large Telescope on Cerro Paranal, with the Residencia to the right, where the astronomers rest and eat. This photograph also shows the VST Survey Telescope to the left on the platform and the VISTA telescope on a peak further left. The recently expanded area of the Paranal Observatory now also includes the Cerro Armazones peak towards the upper left corner of the image. In the background we can see the snow-capped, 6720 meter-high volcano Llullaillaco, located a mind-boggling 190 km further East on the Argentinian border. This image is another testimony of the magnificent quality of the air and the ideal conditions for observing at this remote site. Credit: ESO/M. Tarenghi


On 14 March 2013, His Royal Highness, The Crown Prince of Denmark, will visit ESO´s Paranal Observatory in Chile accompanied by his wife, Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess. Denmark has been member of ESO since 1967, and the visit is part of the Crown Prince Couple´s official visit to Chile which will showcase several important cultural, industrial, health, environmental and scientific links between Denmark and Chile.

The Crown Prince Couple will be meeting the press outside the Paranal Residencia at 20:45 CET/16:45 CLT on 14 March 2013. Members of the press are welcome to attend in person. To participate in this press and photo opportunity or to receive additional information, members of the media must obtain accreditation by contacting Mathieu Isidro (misidro@eso.org). A confirmation email will be sent and additional information will be provided only to the accredited media before the event.

Accreditation will remain open until 8 March 2013 after which requests will not be processed. Media who have not been accredited will not be granted access to the observatory. A bus will be provided by ESO to transfer journalists from Antofagasta to the Paranal Observatory and back once the press conference is over. Members of the media will not be allowed to spend the night at the observatory.

ESO´s Paranal Observatory is located 130 kilometers south of Antofagasta, in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile, at a height of 2635 meters above sea level.

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