Lunarcy Documentary Full Of Lunar Dreams
March 15, 2013

‘Lunarcy!’ Visions Of The Lunar Colony Dreamers

Lee Rannals for — Your Universe Online

The concept of a trip to the moon is becoming more of a reality over the years recently, and some lunar colony enthusiasts are actively trying to do whatever they can to speed up the process. This is the subject matter of the very entertaining, and a little quirky, documentary "Lunarcy!"

Christopher Carson is one of the stars of the show, complete with massive "chop" sideburns and a mustache that is on its way to rivaling Ron Burgundy. His mom says it best in the film, describing Christopher as a "bit of an odd ball child." He is indeed a bit of an oddball, but also a bit of a dreamer with huge ambition.

His goal is to stop waiting around for organizations like NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) to do something about colonizing the moon, and kickstarting the efforts himself through The Luna Project. The Luna Project claims its reasoning for going to the moon and settling a colony is because it "is our best first step towards space development." Carson writes on Luna Project's website that he plans to achieve this goal through collaboration, using current technologies and lunar resources.

Carson has even been so bold as to plan a science-fiction convention on the Moon in "July or August" of 2017 at "Luna City." He said he envisions Luna City becoming the "New York City" of the moon, hosting the 75th World Science Fiction Convention. Members planning on attending this event can be assured they will have furnished transportation to and from the primary venue, lodging, food, air, water, and other basic items. Also, "extended stays" and "surface excursions" will be available for an extra charge at the event.

During the documentary, Carson gets the chance to be a keynote speaker at a high school to try and motivate the students to colonize the moon. The demonstration, complete with laser lights and a typical planetarium-style narration, gets a standing ovation and hopefully inspires the next generation to begin thinking of man's next steps in utilizing our neighboring celestial body.

Christopher was not the only character featured in the documentary with big ambitions. One man, Dennis Hope, owns his own real estate company offering property on the moon. Hope started the Lunar Embassy Commission and has sold over 2.5 million one-acre plots through it. When he receives a call to purchase property on the moon, he says he just closes his eyes and points to a random location on his lunar map.

Hope is also the self-proclaimed president of the Galactic Government, which, according to Dennis, "is the wealthiest government of mankind" because of the helium deposits on the moon. He says he works on a daily basis for his government to get recognition from other countries.

Dennis and other members in his government say they are planning on having their own lunar colony as well, capable of hosting several nations. He said they are planning to build a pyramid-shaped city to host everyone who wishes to come to the moon. Although Hope's lunar business seems like a farce, its one that has made him a millionaire.

Lunarcy! is filled with fun and intrigue, giving you a glimpse into the lives of people who do not just dream about being on the moon, but make that dream their lifestyle. The passion from people like Christopher in the documentary is infectious, and hopefully their voices are heard and they become pioneers of the next-generation of space colonists.

The Lunarcy! documentary will be premiering on April 3rd on EPIX.