Iguana On Mars
November 8, 2013

Iguana On Mars? One UFO Hunter Claims It’s There

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online

A UFO hunter claims to have discovered an iguana on Mars in the shape of a rock using photos taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover. A YouTube user going by the name of UFO HuntingClouds posted a video this week on YouTube displaying a photograph of rocks taken on the surface of Mars earlier this year. The rock featured in the top right of the image has a very-vague resemblance to what could be a fossilized iguana, and it is sparking some interest from the UFO community.

Scott C. Waring of UFO Sightings Daily wrote on his blog that the iguana was found in three NASA photos and that to say it was just a rock “would be very close minded to the evidence at hand.” Waring claims this is not the first animal found on Mars, but actually one of 10 to 15 discovered to date.

“I even found a rock that moved four times in four photos...then vanished on the fifth,” the galactic conspiracy theorist wrote on his blog without actually providing a link to the alleged images. He says that in the image, the iguana is looking back and cocking its head in a fitting manner. Waring also points out not only does it have a body, but if you look close enough you will see its lower neck, its mouth line, nostril hole and even an open eye with a large brow over it.

“If an animal were to live on the red planet, it would be logical that it would have to be small and tough enough to survive in its surroundings,” he wrote. “And don't ask me what it eats ... I don't live on Mars!”

Waring isn’t just claiming the iguana is fossilized, but even goes so far as to say that the cold-blooded reptile is actually alive, surviving the cold temperatures, harsh radiation and lack of breathable air on Mars. While he does point out that iguana’s on Earth do not require much water, his logic teeters when he points out that they get their needed moisture from their food source, which would also, in turn, require water to survive.

Waring ends his blog post by claiming the US government has tried to hide the fact that creatures like iguanas live on the surface of Mars, even claiming that the military shot down Russian satellites to cover up the secrets.

“So you ask, does Mars have life on its surface? Yes, of course it does. Life exists on Mars and this is something the USA has tried to stop the rest of the countries from finding out. The US shot down Russian satellites that were sent to Mars ... one while it was still in orbit around Earth about to leave,” Waring wrote.

While the image is obviously a rock with a unique shape, the video has sparked a bit of interest from the conspiracy theorist community. However, other users shouted out their more realistic opinions about the alleged iguana caught by Curiosity’s camera.

“I dont see no iguana i see a rock that looks like a iguana,” MrBigzo0574 wrote pointedly in the comments.

UFO HuntingClouds responded to some of the critics of the iguana on Mars finding, asking those users who claim it to be a stone to “open your eyes it could be a fossilized creature.”

This isn’t the first video posted by UFO HuntingClouds about finding a fossilized creature on the Red Planet. Last year, the user posted a video about the famous Mars Rat photographed by Curiosity. He wrote that when zoomed in on this image “you can clearly see the animals face sticking out.”


Image Below: This image was taken by Mastcam: Right (MAST_RIGHT) onboard NASA's Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 153 (2013-01-10 10:35:37 UTC). Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS