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November 12, 2013

Tomorrow’s Discoveries: Powering The Next Generation Of Space Exploration

[ Watch the Video: Powering A Manned Mission To Mars ]

In the last half century, mankind has begun to explore the solar system. We’ve imaged foreign worlds, discovered new moons, and reached beyond our Sun’s influence. But much has changed; our dreams of learning about the heavens are only expanding and becoming more ambitious.

Soon, man will unleash a new wave of explorers to visit planets and moons in our little corner of the galaxy. There are even plans to send astronauts to another world. However, as our thirst for knowledge increases so does the level of technology required to carry out the work.

To power spacecraft and instruments that will explore travel among the solar system, new energy sources are needed.  These systems need to be very efficient and have the capability to last for decades. With these specifications, high efficiency nuclear engines are the answer.

The next generation of power plants is currently being developed at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio. In the second episode of our new exclusive series Tomorrow’s Discoveries, redOrbit's very own John P. Millis, Ph.D. visited their Stirling Engine Research Lab to learn more about the technology that will power the next planetary explorers, and perhaps the first human colony on Mars.

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In order to continue bringing the highest standard of content to its' readers, redOrbit has decided to branch-out beyond the written word by developing an exclusive video series entitled "Tomorrow's Discoveries." This Web-series will bring viewers the latest developments in the fields of space and science by traveling to the world’s top research centers and exploring cutting edge research that are driving tomorrow’s technologies

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