Flickr Group 'Your ESO Pictures' Reaches 1000 Photos
January 2, 2014

Flickr Group ‘Your ESO Pictures’ Reaches 1000 Photos


In February 2011 we opened a Flickr Group, called “Your ESO Pictures” to encourage people to share their photos that revealed interesting aspects of ESO. Visitors to our sites often say that it is a life changing experience and we were curious to know what impresses them most. The initiative proved to be very popular, recently passing the 1000 photos milestone, for which we would like to thank all our Flickr friends!

Many of the photos shared with us became Pictures of the Week on the ESO homepage, as we wanted to recognize people’s excellent work, while some of the contributors were invited to join our network of Photo Ambassadors.

We invite you to discover 1000 views on ESO and contribute your own to Your ESO Pictures. As a new idea for the Flickr we also encourage pictures that show “ESO from the inside” — either from staff or visitors. This can be people at work, or weird or wonderful aspects of the organization.


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