Watch ESA’s Live Video Feed While We Wait To Hear From Comet-Chaser Rosetta

January 20, 2014
Image Caption: An artist's view of Rosetta, the European Space Agency's cometary probe with NASA contributions. The spacecraft is covered with dark thermal insulation in order to retain its warmth while venturing into the coldness of the outer solar system, beyond Mars orbit. Credit: ESA

On Monday 20 January, ESA’s comet-chasing spacecraft Rosetta will wake up from 31 months of deep space slumber. ESA will streaming live from ESOC, Darmstadt, Germany, with full coverage of the day’s historic events as they unfold, starting at 09:15 GMT (10:15 CET)

Rosetta’s computer is programmed to re-establish contact with Earth on 20 January, starting with an ‘alarm clock’ at 10:00 GMT. Immediately afterwards, the spacecraft’s startrackers will begin to warm up, taking around six hours. Rosetta will then send a signal to Earth to announce that it is awake. The first window of opportunity to receive a signal is between 17:30-18:30 GMT.

The event can be followed via www.livestream.com/eurospaceagency.

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