Skin Care Company Proposes Making The Moon Brighter To Solve Global Energy Crisis
April 17, 2014

Brighten The Moon? Swedish Skin Care Company Foreo Claims They Want To Make It Happen

Brett Smith for - Your Universe Online

Are you trying to unleash an evil scheme at night, but darkness is getting in the way? Why not just BRIGHTEN THE MOON!?!?! (Cue evil laughter)

No, that’s not the premise for the next James Bond movie. It’s a new proposal (albeit one that should perhaps not be taken too seriously) by Swedish skin care company Foreo.

“Imagine a world where the days last longer and the nights are brighter,” a blog post from the company’s think tank begins. “Imagine the impact turning off every street light would have on the global energy crisis. Imagine how many tons of CO₂ emissions we could reduce every day."

To brighten the moon, the skin care company is essentially calling for our only natural satellite to be given a brighter complexion by chemically altering its albedo, or sunlight reflection rate.

“Nobody has ever considered the possibility that transforming even a small area of the face of the moon could mean an increase in sunlight reflected towards Earth at night,” Foreo points out. “If the process occurred on just 0.1 percent of the surface of the moon, the potential could reach up to 80 percent of the desired brightening effect.”

As absurd as it may sound, the proposal is backed by legitimate environmental concerns. According to the company, one street light produces over 320 pounds of CO₂ per year – resulting in the production of 3.6 million tons of CO₂ emissions from the US alone.

“Think of how much individual people, as well as entire nations, could save on electricity costs, and how much the strain on struggling economies could be eased,” Foreo said. “Furthermore, think of how much CO₂ would be prevented from being released into the atmosphere, and what effect that would have on the environment and global warming – all from removing the need for street lights.”

The company argued that every organism and ecosystem on Earth will simply adjust if the change is gradual enough. We will just get used to sleeping through the brighter nights and sensitive organisms will cope, if the process takes decades to complete, Foreo said. In fact, brightening the moon is more eco-friendly than other solutions – according to the Foreo logic.

“Choosing the moon to facilitate our solution allows us to potentially cause minimal impact the natural order of the Earth in a way that is non-disruptive to our ecosystems,” the company’s think tank wrote. “Other solutions such as solar panels and wind turbines which, in order to meet demand, would need to cover an extensive amount of the Earth’s surface and would majorly disturb natural habitats.”

Not simply public-relations bait – the company said it has raised nearly $53 million from over 9,500 people to research the possibility and impacts of brightening the moon. Foreo acknowledges the endeavor won’t be easy.

“We are aware of all the challenges this project may face; additional studies are required,” the company wrote. “Various feasibility tests will be carried out to establish the exact methodology of the process that will transform the moon’s surface, as well as which solution is the most cost effective and easy to implement.”

“Due to the early stages of this project, patent rights and other issues, the FOREO Institute is unable to disclose details on the transformation process,” it concluded.