July 30, 2014

World View Plans To Fly Research, Education Payloads During Balloon Test Flight Phase

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online

On Monday, commercial spaceflight balloon company World View Enterprises announced it will “fly research and education payloads during its balloon test flight phase as part of its newly launched Pathfinder program.”

In October 2013, the subsidiary of Paragon Space Development Corporation announced its plans to use a helium balloon that would allow up to six passengers at a time the opportunity to travel to the edge of space. However, before the manned phase can begin, World View has selected three initial Pathfinder payloads to fly on its delivery platforms beginning in late 2014.

According to a company statement, “The payloads will be transported to altitudes as high as 120,000 feet via high-altitude balloon for the collection of scientific data.”

“World View’s research and education Pathfinder program represents a major milestone and demonstrates our commitment to opening routine access to high-altitude balloon flights to these communities,” Dr. Alan Stern, World View chief scientist and cofounder, said in the company’s statement.

Taber MacCallum, co-founder and World View chief technical officer added, “As we work toward launching consumer space flights in late 2016, we’re pleased to be able to leverage our test flights to make a significant, positive impact right now on the fields of research and education. We’re especially proud to be working with such accomplished principal investigators for our initial Pathfinder payload flights.”

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