woman-shaped figure
August 7, 2015

What is this mysterious, woman-shaped figure on Mars?

First it was the man on the moon; then it was the bright spots on Ceres; now a mysterious, woman-shaped figure on Mars that looks eerily similar to Rose DeWitt-Bukater?

rose on mars

The original image was sent back by NASA's Curiosity rover, and is part of the extensive gallery the Jet Propulsion Laboratory has provided on its site. Though, not all of them show "figures" like this one--what UFO Sightings Daily, clearly weighing titles for their next poetry slam, has called "a woman partly cloaked".

Here's the full image if you want some perspective.

woman-shaped figure

While she/it is much smaller in this version, it's like that image of Ted Cruz and grandpa Munster: once you see it, you can't un-see it.

So whether or not this proof of alien life (LOL), we'll continue to pour over the photo and debate what that hazy figure actually is. Could be a ghost. Could be an ancient statue. Could be the trick of light upon Martian soil. Doesn't matter in the end.

As ever-hopefuls of extraterrestrial life, our hearts will go on.


Feature Image Credit: NASA/JPL