June 15, 2008

Nexxus Lighting Illuminates Kennedy Space Center Attraction

By Anonymous

Kennedy Space Center, Florida-Nexxus Lighting, Inc. (www.nexxusHghting.coni), of Charlotte, North Carolina, recently announced that its SV Lighting business division successfully completed the solid-state rotunda lighting project for Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex's newest attraction, the Shuttle Launch Experience. SV Lighting's SAVI" LED Flood Strips and low-voltage power supplies are being used to illuminate displays that commemorate each NASA space shuttle mission since the program's inception in 1981. The display is situated around a continuous spiraling walkway that patrons use to exit the ride. A railing above the displays houses the SAVI LED Flood Strips that illuminate individual plaques for each mission (which total 123 to date).

The Shuttle Launch Experience is one of the newest attractions at the Kennedy Space Center and provides guests with a chance to experience the thrill of a simulated space shuttle launch. "[But] it's not a thrill ride," said Dan LeBlanc, chief operating officer of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. "You won't be dodging asteroids or battling any aliens. We've worked hard to ensure that it's as close as you can be to simulating the reality of a space shuttle launch within the confines of Earth's gravity."

Nexxus helped contribute to the "dramatic lighting effects," that add ambiance to the rumbling floors and fog that dramatize the overall experience. Guests board the mock-up Space Shuttle and strap in for launch in a unique motion simulator designed to bring the mission alive by replicating the sights, sounds, G-forces, and rattle of lift-off. The sensations of launch continue as they experience Max Q, the zone where enormous forces squeeze the shuttle, solid rocket booster separation, main engine cut-off, and the external tank separation.

"We want people to walk out of this with their mind affected," said Rick Searfoss (who flew three Space Shuttle missions and played a key role in designing the simulator). "After they exit the ride, people will hear a presentation of the benefits the shuttle missions have brought back to Earth," illuminated by Nexxus.

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