July 8, 2008

Spacewalk Preparations Continue

The Expedition 17 crew kicked off a busy week aboard the International Space Station with more spacewalk preparations.

The crew members participated in meetings with specialists on Earth and prepared cameras along with other tools and equipment that will be used during two upcoming spacewalks.

Commander Sergei Volkov and Flight Engineer Oleg Kononenko will wear their Orlan spacesuits Tuesday to perform a full dress rehearsal to check their systems and communications gear to prepare for the first Expedition 17 spacewalk.

The two cosmonauts are scheduled to leave the Pirs docking compartment Thursday at 2:21 p.m. EDT. During the excursion, they will inspect their Soyuz TMA-12 spacecraft, checking the attachment of the return module to the propulsion module. They also will retrieve a suspect pyrotechnic bolt for inspection by engineers on the ground.

Volkov and Kononenko will conduct a second spacewalk on July 15 to retrieve an experiment and install another, and attach a docking target on the Zvezda service module.

In addition to the spacewalk preparations, the crew members also completed a variety of station maintenance tasks and performed their daily physical exercise routines to counteract the effects of long-term exposure to weightlessness in space.


Image Caption: Image above: Flight Engineer Oleg Kononenko conducts spacewalk training exercises aboard the International Space Station on June 26, 2008. Credit: NASA TV


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