August 22, 2008

To NASA and Back

By Yudhvir Rana

Amritsar: They know sky is not the limit as they almost feel like astronauts after attending an 11-day space school camp at the Johnson Space Centre in Houston and Kennedy Space Centre in Orlando , where they had a close brush with spacecrafts , NASA scientists, engineers and other brains responsible for the success of space odysseys.

These are the 13 students of Spring Dale Senior School in the city, who got a rare and lifetime opportunity to explore their engineering talents, and have returned to India enriched with the wisdom of top scientists of the world.

Sameer Arora, who is also director of international affairs of the school, accompanied the students. Visiting the historic Mission Control Centre, which was used when astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon, was a thrilling experience for these students.

Gursanam S Arora, a team member, said students gave eight presentations, which were evaluated by other teams at the Johnson Space Centre. Lavina, another student, said, "It is simply an unforgettable experience where young students are motivated to become space scientists and astronauts."

Guneet Arora, science project coordinator, said "This experience has taught the students not only the nuances of space science, but also life skills like time management, working under stressful conditions, team spirit ."

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