September 23, 2008

Space Tourist Garriott Confesses Space Flight is His Childhood Dream

STAR CITY (near Moscow). Sept 23 (Interfax-AVN) - U.S. space tourist Richard Garriott, who has paid $30 million to make his first flight to the International Space Station, is ready to travel to the station for a second time, as well.

Garriott said at a news conference in Star City that, before even flying into space for the first time, he was thinking already what could be done on his second mission and how much he could spend on it.

The space tourist, who built his fortune as a designer of computer games, believes that space is a medium where business can and must work and bring a profit. Businesses must develop and promote what can be done in space, he said.

Garriott also said that a doctor told him when he was a child that his eyesight was not good enough for him to join the team of NASA astronauts, so he switched to business and began designing computer games.

The space tourist also said that his entire work over the past 20- 30 years was centered on his childhood dream of flying into space. Garriott also invested in the Space Adventures company which, he said, must help those who were dreaming of space, but for some reason did not qualify to become an astronauts and realize their dreams.

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