March 24, 2009

Stephen Colbert Wins NASA Naming Contest

Stephen Colbert, a comedian featured on Comedy Central, has embarrassed NASA by winning a competition to have part of the International Space Station named after him.

The name "Colbert" has beat out the other four suggested names after a quarter of a million fans voted to have his name be the third new "living room" name on the International Space Station.  The other existing names are the Unity and Harmony modules.

Colbert urged viewers of his show, "The Colbert Report," to write in his name after NASA made that one of the options to the voting.  The name Colbert beat out NASA's preferred named Serenity with 230,539 votes to 40,000.  About 1.2 million votes were cast by the time the contest ended Friday.

Despite the voice of the fans, John Yembrick, a NASA spokesman, said his bosses would give the winning suggestions "the most consideration" but reserved the right to give the new module an "appropriate" name.

The Endeavour will be carrying the new living room along with a unit that will convert astronauts' urine into drinking water.

Colbert has urged his fans to vote his name into many different contests, including a flavor of Ben and Jerry's ice-cream, which is now Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream, and a peregrine falcon in California.

Imaeg Courtesy UPI


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