March 26, 2009

NASA Commemorates Apollo’s 40th Anniversary

NASA is planning a number of activities and events in 2009 as America nears the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing on July 20. The events will celebrate the Apollo Program, its accomplishments, and the benefits to our lives today.

"Celebrate Apollo: Exploring the Moon, Discovering Earth" is an effort to engage the public and disseminate information about NASA's historic, current and future missions. Several items have been developed to aid the celebration, including an Apollo 40th anniversary logo, calendar of events and Web site.

The site NASA developed specifically for the Apollo 40th anniversary includes the special anniversary logo, an interactive feature about "Moon Trees" grown from seeds that flew on the Apollo 14 mission, and a "First Footprints" toolkit for use throughout the anniversary, which includes downloadable videos, images and events listings.


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