April 10, 2009

Expedition 19 Crew Completes Full Day Of Science, Station Work

The Expedition 19 crew members aboard the International Space Station focused on science experiments and station maintenance Thursday after the successful undocking and landing of their Expedition 18 counterparts.

Commander Mike Fincke and Flight Engineer Yury Lonchakov of the 18th International Space Station crew landed in the steppes of southern Kazakhstan at 3:16 a.m. EDT Wednesday after spending about six months in space. Landing with them was spaceflight participant Charles Simonyi who launched to the station March 26 with the Expedition 19 crew.

Expedition 19 Commander Gennady Padalka took dosimeter readings for the PILLE experiment. These readings measure radiation levels aboard the station and can help scientists better understand how radiation impacts station crew members, equipment and experiments.

Flight Engineer Michael Barratt set up video equipment and hardware for the Bodies In the Space Environment experiment or BISE. This experiment evaluates how crew members adapt to microgravity and then re-adapt to normal gravity conditions upon return to Earth.

Flight Engineer Koichi Wakata conducted water sample processing through the Total Organic Carbon Analyzer. He also had some time set aside to participate in an amateur radio session with students at the Kawanishi Seiwadai Community Center in Hyogo, Japan.

Barratt and Wakata spent a few minutes talking about the progress of their mission and life on the station during interviews with KING-TV and KOMO-TV in Seattle.


Image Caption: Expedition 19 Commander Gennady Padalka (center), Flight Engineer Michael Barratt (right) and Flight Engineer Koichi Wakata are pictured in the Zvezda service module of the International Space Station. Credit: NASA


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