April 13, 2009

Crew Concentrates On Station Maintenance

The Expedition 19 crew focused on maintenance Monday aboard the International Space Station.

Commander Gennady Padalka performed routine maintenance of water tank valves inside the Zvezda service module, and he did preventive maintenance on the ventilation system in the module. He performed a periodic purge of the Elektron oxygen generation system. Along with Flight Engineer Michael Barratt, Padalka also spent time orienting himself to his new surroundings aboard the orbiting complex.

Barratt and Flight Engineer Koichi Wakata continued to unpack cargo delivered to the station by the crew of space shuttle Discovery on the STS-119 mission last month. In addition, Barratt set up the Space Linear Acceleration Mass Measurement Device, or SLAMMD, and used it to perform a body mass measurement. SLAMMD measures the on-orbit mass of crew members by applying Newton's Second Law of Motion (force is equal to mass times acceleration) using the known force generated by two springs against a crew member mounted on an extension arm. The resultant acceleration of the crew member is measured and the mass then calculated.

Wakata performed the daily flushing of the station's Potable Water Dispenser using iodinated water to combat the growth of microbes in the device. He also set up the U.S. Sound Level Meter and performed an acoustic survey of the station, the data from which he later downloaded to controllers on the ground.

All three crew members performed their regular daily exercise to combat the effects of prolonged exposure to microgravity.


Image Caption: The Expedition 19 crew "“ Commander Gennady Padalka (center) and Flight Engineers Koichi Wakata (left) and Michael Barratt "“ speak to Russian officials. Credit: NASA TV


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