September 2, 2009

Astronaut Answers Questions From Space

How do you wash your clothes in space? How does food stay fresh if there is no fridge on the ISS? ESA's Frank De Winne is answering these, and many more of your questions, right now, from space.

Is there something you always wanted to know about being an astronaut? Or you are just curious about living and working in space? Well, now is the time to ask. Instead of searching the Internet, you can ask an ESA astronaut directly. Frank De Winne, on the International Space Station, is keen to answer your questions personally via ESA's YouTube channel.

Questions answered so far have been "ËœWill you exercise a lot on your bike?', "ËœWhat medical conditions would stop you becoming an astronaut?', "ËœWill Europe have its own Space Shuttle in the future?' and "ËœDo you use washing powder for washing clothes in space?' 

Frank is answering questions from space fans all over Europe, and he will greet you in English, French or Dutch in your personal video response. All you have to do is record your question using a webcam, video camera or mobile phone, and post it on ESA's YouTube channel. Each week, Frank posts his responses to your questions on the site, directly from space.

Frank is part way through his six-month mission on the International Space Station. Later in his mission, he will also become the first European commander of the ISS.

Have a go, it could be your question answered next!

Record and upload your questions to ESA's YouTube channel as a 'Video Response' to De Winne's video message.

ESA's YouTube channel is accessible on