September 7, 2009

NASA censors ‘without clothes’ question

A Swedish student said U.S. space officials made him change a question posed to an astronaut on the International Space Station because it mentioned nudity.

Zhiwar Naeimiakbar, 14, one of the students at Stockholm's Satraskolan school chosen to interview Swedish astronaut Christer Fuglesang via phone, said the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration told him he could not ask Fuglesang if a person can survive in space without clothes, Swedish news agency TT reported Monday.

At first I was hysterical. Oh my God, now I won't be a part of this. But then I understood why, Naeimiakbar said.

He said NASA allowed him to ask the question provided he changed without clothes to without a spacesuit.

Fuglesang, who became the first astronaut from a country other than the United States and Russia to complete three space walks Monday, fielded a number of questions from students and is scheduled to meet an eighth grade class from the school when he returns from the space station.