October 28, 2009

NASA’s Ares I-X Launch Successful

NASA's experimental Ares I-X rocket successfully launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Wednesday.

The 327-foot rocket became the first new vehicle to launch from the complex since the first shuttle launch in 1981.

The craft had a launch window from 8a.m. to noon EDT. The first planned Ares launch was delayed 24 hours yesterday after poor weather forced NASA to scrub the mission.

The launch countdown clock stopped with two minutes and 39 seconds remaining yesterday.

Ares I-X will be used as the space agency's next-generation launch vehicle to replace its retiring space shuttle fleet.

The test flight cost $445 million. The rocket was equipped with a fake upper portion, which fell into the ocean as planned.

The mission lasted two minutes, and constant data was being recorded during its entirety.

"The flight test will provide NASA with an early opportunity to test and prove flight characteristics, hardware, facilities and ground operations associated with the Ares I," said NASA.


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