December 4, 2009

Space Beer Now Available

Japanese beer maker Sapporo Breweries Ltd. on Thursday announced it would market a new beer made from barley grown in space.

Sapporo is launching the first-ever beer that uses malt entirely made from barley grown in space aboard the International Space Station.

The beer has been dubbed Sapporo "Space Barley".

The barley used to make the beer was developed by Sapporo to be kept on the ISS for five months in 2006 during a collaborative research project with the Russian Academy of Sciences and Okayama University with the goal of researching self-sufficiency of food in space.

The company says its "Space Barley" uses roasted malt to bring out a slightly dark color reminiscent of cosmic space.

Sapporo says it will sell 250 boxes of the space beer to lucky winners of an online lottery. Each six pack will cost $115.00, and all proceeds will go to Okayama University.


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