July 27, 2010

Cosmonauts Install New Camera Outside ISS

A new video camera was installed outside the International Space Station late Monday night, early Tuesday morning during the 147th ISS spacewalk.

Two Russian cosmonauts performed the spacewalk and installed a camera that can determine if the heat shield on the ISS is malfunctioning.

Atlantis astronauts ran into a problem with the camera in May when the 100-foot inspection boom was rendered useless during the post launch inspection.

Flight engineers Fyodor Yurchikhin and Mikhail Kornienko concluded the six-hour, 42-minute spacewalk in the early morning hours Tuesday.

The old camera was safely removed from the ISS, and the new camera will provide television views of the final approach and docking of future European Automated Transfer Vehicles carrying cargo to the complex.

Two objects were seen floating away from the ISS during the spacewalk.  One was identified as a cable clamp, which was left outside the station from a previous Russian spacewalk, and the other was not identified.

The next spacewalk for the expedition 24 crew is planned for August 5.  Flight Engineers Doug Wheelock and Tracy Caldwell Dyson will install a power cable to the Unity module in preparation for the installation of the Permanent Multipurpose Module during the STS-133 mission in November.

That spacewalk will be the first one for Dyson's career and the fourth for Wheelock.


Image Caption: A Russian spacewalker works outside the Pirs docking compartment after beginning the first Expedition 24 spacewalk. Credit: NASA TV


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