August 30, 2010

Denmark Delays First Private Rocket Launch

Denmark's first privately built rocket launch has been postponed to Thursday because of weather conditions, according to one of its builders.

"The wind delayed the transportation of the rocket from Copenhagen to (the island of) Bornholm. But we hope to take our prototype on Tuesday to the launch base in order to be able to take off on Thursday," Peter Madsen told AFP News.

Madsen, along with Kristian von Bengtsson, have worked for years together to try and build the 30-feet prototype, which is named after the famous Danish astronaut Tycho Brahe.

They intend "to show that with little financial means anyone can send a rocket into space, which is a privilege not just reserved for rich countries," Madsen told AFP.

The prototype costs $63,400 and was financed mostly by 2,000 individual sponsors and 20 companies.

Madsen told AFP that the project will start by placing a human-sized doll in the rocket.

He said the rocket should fly at a speed faster than sound and will reach an altitude between 6 and 18 miles.

The two men will launch a new prototype that is more powerful and includes more technologies by next summer.


Image Caption: Peter Madsen and Kristian von Bengtson are two Danes currently involved in building a rocket to send a person in space. Courtesy Wikipedia


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