October 25, 2010

Space Shuttle Discovery Ready For Next Week’s Final Launch

NASA reported today that space shuttle Discovery is no longer leaking and is ready for its launch next week.

Technicians replaced a pair of seals over the weekend in a fuel line on Discovery that had been leaking.  NASA said the repairs seem to have solved the issue.

Discovery will embark upon the STS-133 mission to bring equipment and supplies to the International Space Station (ISS).  Some of the equipment includes important spare parts to the International Space Station, along with the Express Logistics Carrier-4. 

This will be Discovery's final flight as NASA is retiring its shuttle program next year. 

President Barack Obama wants NASA to develop spaceships that can take astronauts out of orbit and into deep space.  NASA will be outsourcing the rest of its trips to the ISS through Russia, until private industries can take over the duty.

NASA officials will host a news conference later on Monday to discuss the preparations for the November 1 flight. 

Discovery has already moved to Launch Pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. 

The crewmembers taking part in the STS-133 mission are Steven Lindsey, Eric Boe, Timothy Kopra, Michael Barratt, Nicole Stott and Alvin Drew.


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