November 24, 2010

NASA Delays Discovery Launch Yet Again

NASA has decided to delay its final flight for space shuttle Discovery once again.

The space agency said on Wednesday that it will launch Discovery no earlier than Friday, December 17th.

If launched on that date, it would put its landing date at Kennedy Space Center on December 28.

The delay comes as NASA engineers are reviewing the progress of repairs that are being made to the space shuttle.

The launch was originally delayed in early November because of a hydrogen fuel leak, and then it was delayed again when they found cracks in Discovery's external fuel tank.

NASA said that crews have finished all the needed repairs and inspections over the weekend.

However, the space agency said they want to understand the cracking before launching the shuttle on its final flight to the International Space Station (ISS).

If NASA is unable to get the space vehicle off the ground before the year's end, then it will remain grounded until February.


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