December 8, 2010

In Pictures – A Week In The Life Of Goddard

Is it possible to wholly capture the diverse community and groundbreaking work done at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center?

In October 2010 Goddard launched Oh Snap! A Week in the Life of Goddard, a campaign aimed at doing just that. Through more than 700 photographs submitted by Goddard employees at the Greenbelt, Md., campus; the Wallops Flight Facility at Wallops Island, Va.;, the Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York City; the Independent Verification and Validation Facility in Fairmont, W.Va.; and a group of visitors on a Tweet-Up tour, we were given an exclusive peek into the lives of our scientists, engineers, security staff and others who contribute to the success of our agency.

Through their camera lenses Goddard employees and guests were able to capture their impressions of life on center. Submissions included photographs of individuals working with flight operations, shots of Goddard's beautiful surroundings and wildlife, employees hard at work at their computers, even photos showing ordinary rituals, like getting coffee with co-workers or taking a quick break to play Frisbee.

In this way viewers are introduced to activities and places that contribute to our unique make-up as a diverse and inclusive community.

"We were so pleased to see how excited folks were about taking pictures at Goddard," said Rebecca Roth, the imaging coordinator in Goddard's Public Affairs Office. "You realize what an amazing place this is to work at as you look at the entire collection. I had a lot of fun getting to meet new people and exploring new places and things going on around Goddard."

Throughout the month of December, the Goddard homepage will showcase some of the awesome photos submitted. Every week there will be a new album to view from the following categories: People, Building, Nature, At Work, Life at Goddard and Top Photos. Visit Flickr  to check out our photo galleries, celebrate the beauty of our workplace and gain a new appreciation for the exciting work that's done here!


Image Caption: Sunset at the main gate. Credit: NASA/GSFC/David Everett