December 10, 2010

Monty Python Inspires “˜Cheesy’ Trip To Space

By Lee Rannals For RedOrbit - Have a question for Lee?

Perhaps the man in the classic Monty Python "Cheese Shop" sketch might be able to find his missing cheese aboard SpaceX's Dagon Capsule.

SpaceX was the first private enterprise to launch a space capsule into space this week, along with a wheel of cheese as a tribute of the famous Monty Python sketch "The Cheese Shop."

The company decided to place a wheel of cheese into its secret payload during Wednesday's flight, which was bolted onto the floor of its Dragon spacecraft capsule.

Ironically SpaceX left media to speculate what was in the payload, much like in the skit of the man in the store who was very "keen to guess" what type of cheese was actually available at the Cheese Shop.

In the skit, the customer was very patient as he named almost every cheese known to exist to find that the Cheese Shop did not have any of them available.

Maybe Mr. Wensleydale of the cheese shop did not have an ample supply of cheese because it had already been offered to SpaceX for the adventure of orbiting around the planet.

Regardless, SpaceX not only managed to reach new feats for a private enterprise, but reached new heights of putting forth millions of dollars to reignite BBC comedy sketches from the 1970s.


Image 1: Top Secret (think Val Kilmer 1984, not official US Government) payload, bolted to the floor of the Dragon spacecraft. Photo Credit: Chris Thompson, SpaceX

Image 2: Top Secret payload revealed.  Photo Credit: Chris Thompson, SpaceX


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