January 14, 2011

Authentic NASA Memorabilia Available In Online Auction

Ever wanted to own your very own piece of the space program? Now, one online auction house can make that a reality, as they are currently offering memorabilia from NASA's Apollo space program to the highest bidder.

The auction is currently underway at RR Auction, an Amherst, Massachusetts based business that specializes in autographs, signed memorabilia, and historical documents.

The more than 500 space program related auctions, which according to the website will close on January 20, are also the topic of a Thursday article by Guardian reporter John Crace.

"For a boy in the late 60s, the Apollo missions were a time of wonder," Crace said. "As Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin completed the first moon walk, I went outside to see if I could catch a glimpse of the lunar module on the moon. I still like to think I did."

"It all seemed so impossibly glamorous. Here were genuine heroes for a drab, disaffected time," he added. "The papers couldn't get enough of them and neither could I"¦ What I never, in my wildest dreams, imagined, was that I could own a part of that history. NASA was notorious for regarding everything as government property and almost nothing escaped its clutches."

As fate would have it, though, somehow, some of the memorabilia from the Apollo, Gemini, and Space Shuttle missions did make it into private hands over the course of the years, and now, as Crace puts it, "anyone can get their mitts on it--at a price."

Among the artifacts currently listed on the website are a blueprint of the Apollo command module, the headset used by ground control workers to communicate with astronaut Buzz Aldrin, a dime that accompanied Gus Grissom on a 1965 Gemini mission, and name tags, plastic containment bottles, and other items used in actual NASA missions.

"There is something for everyone's wallet and everything is guaranteed authentic," auctioneer Bobby Livingston told Croce, who notes that the starting prices for the auctions range from $100 to $2000 per lot. "All the items have come straight from the astronauts themselves or from a small handful of private collectors. It's a chance to own something iconic."


Image Caption: One of the items up for auction - an electrical power instrument panel from an original Apollo Command Module of the old Block 1 spacecraft series.


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