February 28, 2011

Glory To Launch No Earlier Than March 4: NASA

NASA said on Monday that they are making progress in troubleshooting the ground support equipment issue that caused the delay of the Glory launch on February 23.

The space agency said that the launch will take place no earlier than March 4.

Data from the Glory mission will allow scientists to better understand how the sun and tiny atmospheric particles known as aerosols affect Earth's climate. 

According to NASA, both aerosols and solar energy influence the planet's energy budget.

The space agency said in a press release that an accurate measurement of these impacts is important in order to anticipate future changes to our climate and how they may affect human life.

NASA officials said at the time of the delay that engineers were troubleshooting an issue with the group support equipment of the Taurus XL rocket that will launch Glory into the atmosphere.

About 15 minutes before the launch was planned to take place on Wednesday, a false "hold-fire" command originated in the Vehicle Interface Control Console in the mobile launch support van.

NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center runs the project management for Glory.


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