April 21, 2011

NASA Getting Involved With Earth Day Activities

As Earth Day quickly closes in, NASA is preparing activities to help commemorate the special day.

The space agency said that it will provide a live chat from a team of Arctic explorers in Greenland. 

The explorers are helping to keep watch on changes in the ice landscape in this frigid environment.

NASA said Greenland is losing ice at a rate of over 170 gigatons per year.  These researchers have plenty of answers to the hot media topic of climate change, and are definitely an interesting avenue to help grow your knowledge about this planet.

NASA is also hosting an Earth Day video contest that allows anyone to share a vision of what NASA's exploration of Earth means to them. 

Scientists from the space agency are also getting involved in the activities by hosting a live web video chat with students.  Students can have their submitted questions answered by JPL scientists Annmarie Eldering.

All these activities are just another unique way you can be involved in celebrating the 41st Earth Day coming up on April 22.


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