May 26, 2011

STS-134 Space Shuttle Mission Audio And Video Available Online

NASA has broadcast-quality audio and video clips from the ongoing STS-134 space shuttle and other missions available online through the Internet Archive website.

The agency's Johnson Space Center in Houston is digitizing, cataloging and archiving audio files for news media use. These files include an entire calendar day's conversation between the Mission Control Center and the crews aboard the shuttle and International Space Station, clips of wake up calls and news briefings. The STS-134 audio files are available at:

Audio from past missions, including Apollo flights, are being added to the collection. For those clips, visit:

Videos of short, daily highlights and other features also are available. To access the latest STS-134 video files, click the "This Just In (more)" link at:

NASA posts still images and video from the shuttle missions at:

Mission images and video also are available in the human spaceflight gallery at:

Journalists can submit other multimedia requests to Johnson's Media Resource Center at 281-483-5111 or by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

For additional NASA multimedia resources, visit: 

For information about STS-134 and other shuttle missions, visit: