July 20, 2011

New ‘Through The Worm Hole’ Episode Captivating

Lee Rannals for RedOrbit.com

Science Channel's "Through The Worm Hole" will be airing its new episode "Can We Travel Faster Than Light?" on Wednesday July 20th in classic mind-blowing style.

The show, hosted by Morgan Freeman, steps out of the realm of typical television programming and pushes your mind to a new elevation of thought, opening up the portal of curiosity for future endeavors in space travel.

Having the pleasant voice of Freeman makes the video offer the feeling of comfort, like a home that has been lived in for several years, and prepares your mind for information overload into the vast world of physics being dreamt up and broadened every day.

The "Can We Travel Faster Than Light?" episode not only sticks to its guns with the intrigue of wormholes, but explores other areas of physics like teleportation.  It even questions the actual speed of light, which is a foundation so many physicists use in research.

Science Channel's "Through The Worm Hole" really grabbed the interest of this science geek in its new episode.  Though I am not an atomic physicist and am not well versed in the department of astronomy, this episode kept my intrigue at an all-time high, feeling the boyish imagination in me getting excited at what the future may hold in space travel.

Freeman still stays true to terminology that extends way beyond my vocabulary, yet once the smoke cleared from my mind being blown he brought the concepts back down to reality, in almost a 1990's "Schoolhouse Rock!" style.

For anyone interested in learning more about what physicists are doing behind the scenes at Universities and laboratories, this episode really sticks up for our "Star Wars" into reality imagination.

Tune your television to the Science Channel on Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. (ET/PT) and have Morgan Freeman's voice lure you in to what discoveries man is making concerning the question: "Can We Travel Faster Than Light?"


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