Baker Hughes Recruiting Former NASA Employees
September 2, 2011

Baker Hughes Recruiting Former NASA Employees


Oilfield services company Baker Hughes Inc. is interested in recruiting former NASA employees, now that the U.S. space agency is no longer involved in manned space flight.

The company, which specializes in extracting oil and gas from under the ground, held a two-day recruiting fair this week to attract current and former aerospace professionals.

About 800 people attended the event at the Aerospace Transition Center in Houston, where 220 on-site interviews were conducted, according to a Baker Hughes spokeswoman.

The company had about 53,000 employees at the end of 2010, and said it was recruiting qualified candidates to fill more than 200 scientific, engineering and business-related positions.

“NASA professionals who are no longer affiliated with a spaceflight program may be interested in applying their highly specialized skills to the oil and gas industry,” said Scott Schmidt, president of drilling and evaluation for Baker Hughes.

“The technological advances we are driving in the petroleum industry are as essential and as challenging as those found in aerospace. There are many opportunities for educated, talented former NASA professionals to use their abilities in this dynamic industry.”

Thousands of jobs have been lost in Houston and elsewhere as a result of NASA shutting down its space shuttle program in July.

Baker Hughes said candidates who were unable to attend the event can visit to learn about and apply for opportunities with the company.