December 6, 2006

E Frontier Announces 3D Earth Model and Space Shuttle for Educators, Students and Science Enthusiasts

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif., Dec. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- e frontier, a market leader in 3D software and digital content, today announced the availability of the "Earth & Moon Pro Pack," which includes 3D models of the Earth and Moon, Space Shuttle, International Space Station and Hubble Telescope for e frontier's 3D human figure, art and animation software, Poser., e frontier's content superstore, has joined with Bryan Brandenburg, an expert in scientific visualization to produce these 3D model products. 3D is used increasingly on video sites like Youtube and Revver. When used with Poser, the models allow anyone to create stunning space art and animations.

"The Earth & Moon Pro Pack marks another major step forward for us," said Steve Yatson, VP of Content for e frontier. "This represents a significant extension to our existing line of space and science products."

3D is becoming mainstream for the visualization of science, said Bryan Brandenburg. "Few of us will have the opportunity to see the Earth from space, but with Poser and the Earth & Moon 3D models, you can experience this beauty from any angle, 'take pictures' and 'record a video.'"

3D models of the Earth have been available to professionals before at hundreds of dollars. For the first time, hobbyists and teachers can obtain this kind of product, at a fraction of the cost. The Basic 3D Earth and Moon retails for $19.95. A 3D Solar System is available for $34.95. Free space images for webmasters, students and educators are available at .

Pricing and Availability The 3D Earth & Moon Pro Pack is available now for $64.95 (USD) on Content Paradise. The new Poser 7 releasing this month includes a non-linear animation feature that will optimize the product for more realistic animations.

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Mr. Brandenburg is an expert in scientific visualization and has assembled a team of scientists, doctors and 3d experts to bring 3d models, art and animation to science enthusiasts everywhere. His company has offices in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii and Los Angeles, CA.

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