Space News Archive - July 26, 2008

U.S. scientists working with NASA said they've uncovered the source of substorms in space that fuel the explosive energy behind the northern lights.

By Kasey Fowler, Enid News & Eagle, Okla. Jul. 26--Anytime Airport Shuttle is no longer going to be in service after today, but its service will not be ending. Margie Scott, owner of Anytime Airport Shuttle, is moving to New York to be with her daughter.

An ex-NASA astronaut says he is still totally sure life exists elsewhere in the universe and earthly governments have tried to hide the existence of aliens.

Text of report in English by Russian state news agency ITAR-TASS Plesetsk, Arkhangelsk Region, 26 July: A modernized Soyuz-2 carrier rocket blasted off from Russia's northern Plesetsk spaceport on Saturday [26 July] to take a Kosmos [also Cosmos] military satellite into orbit.

Born today... ACTOR James Best, 81, drag queen Danny La Rue, 81, singer Mick Jagger, 65, actress Helen Mirren, 63, Queen drummer Roger Taylor, 59, actress Susan George, 58, actor Kevin Spacey, 49, actress Sandra Bullock, 44, actress Kate Beckinsale, 35.