Space News Archive - April 15, 2010


During the next space shuttle mission, NASA will host two Tweetups to give the public an insider's look at the nation's space program.

NASA will hold a news briefing and unveil initial images from the Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO, at 2 pm EDT on Wednesday, April 21, in the atrium of the Newseum.


Observations of how the youngest-known neutron star has cooled over the past decade are giving astronomers new insights into the interior of these super-dense dead stars.

NASA will hold a conference following President Obama's remarks about the bold new course the administration is charting for NASA and the future of US leadership in human spaceflight on Thursday, April 15, at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.


Observations of how Saturn’s moon Enceladus interacts with its environment show it leaves a complex pattern of ripples and bubbles in its wake.

A researcher at North Carolina State University has helped to develop a new method for describing the binding of protons and neutrons within nuclei.


NASA's Mars Odyssey orbiter heard no signal from the Phoenix Mars Lander when it listened from orbit while passing over Phoenix 60 times last week.


Indian space engineers who launched a rocket with new booster technology on Thursday lost contact with it soon after lift-off, causing a major blow to the country’s ambitions of space exploration.


Now that the International Space Station is fully operational, the program partners will gather in Berlin on April 19–21 to discuss the successes and potential of this unique international cooperation.


ESA’s Technology Transfer Program's booth ‘ESA Space Apps’ at this year’s Hanover Fair will present a number of impressive spin-offs and technology transfers, illustrating the huge untapped potential of advanced space technology for European non-space business.

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