Space News Archive - November 29, 2011

Image 1 - FLEX-ible Insight Into Flame Behavior

Whether free-burning or smoldering, uncontrolled fire can threaten life and destroy property. On Earth, a little water, maybe some chemicals, and the fire is smothered.

Image 1 - Lightning-Made Waves Leaking Into Space From Earth's Atmosphere

NASA said on Monday that scientists have discovered lightning-made waves in Earth's atmosphere that leaked into space.

Image 1 - Fermi Finds Cosmic-ray Cocoon In The Heart Of Cygnus

The constellation Cygnus, now visible in the western sky as twilight deepens after sunset, hosts one of our galaxy's richest-known stellar construction zones.

Image 1 - 'Star Wars' Laser Gives new Insight Into Earth's Atmosphere

With the need to understand global change one of today's most pressing scientific challenges, ESA is exploring novel techniques for future space missions. Firing laser pulses between satellites is promising a step up in tracking greenhouse gases.

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