Space News Archive - May 04, 2011


Would you like to see a piece of Halley's Comet? Now's your chance!


MESSENGER carries a Gamma-Ray Spectrometer (GRS) that is capable of measuring and characterizing gamma-ray emissions from the surface of Mercury.


The Meathook Galaxy, or NGC 2442, in the southern constellation of Volans (The Flying Fish), is easily recognized for its asymmetric spiral arms.


Professional and amateur space aficionados are in for a treat with the new Space Images Version 2 app, created by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena Calif.


Two NASA websites have been recognized in the 15th Annual Webby Awards -- the leading international honor for the world's best Internet sites.


The US Postal Service unveiled a stamp on Wednesday that honored Alan Shepard, the first American to orbit the Earth.


A new isotopic analysis of meteorites that have been in storage on Earth for quite some time points to a very reasonable scientific conclusion that Mars once had sea beds that were warm, wet and rich in organic chemicals.

NASA announced partnerships with nine organizations that will help the agency implement its 2011 Summer of Innovation (SoI) education program.


Recognizing the value of using Earth observation satellite data to support development activities, ESA and the World Bank will work together on several projects through the 'eoworld' joint initiative.


ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli’s mother, Maria, passed away on Monday while he is still serving on the International Space Station.

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